Elizabeth Riordan Welcome to my site! I am a tutor of all types of Math for students in high school, junior high, and college. I have both taught in classrooms, and done one-on-one tutoring and tutoring of small groups.

I have two degrees from MIT and a Masters degree in Education from Harvard, but I find that I have learned the most from tutoring real kids in real classroom situations. Because there are a lot of different ways of understanding math topics, it is up to us teachers to be able to explain math concepts and practice many different ways. I respect my students and their different ways of thinking, and my goal and my joy is to help them understand Math.

Other experience I have had includes thirty years in technical areas such as building electronic transfer systems for banks and as a consultant, as well as having been a mother of four teenagers. My love of mathematics and respect for kids’ minds has brought me to a new career in teaching. Please take a look at my site. I’d love to hear from you.